February 26, 2014

How Do I Tell My Son Everything About His Autism?

Carrie Cariello | Huffington Post

So, we've got this guy in middle school now. And he is all sorts of cool. Savvy. Phrases like let's play have been replaced by let's hang out. He makes egg sandwiches for himself in the morning and wants to walk home from the bus stop alone in the afternoon. There is swagger in his neon-sneakered step.
I imagined we would sit our 10-year-old son, Joey, down when the time came and have the Sex Talk. But about six months ago I realized he knows way more than we think; juicy details and tidbits gleaned from the back of the school bus and movies and music. Every once in a while he'll ask something like, "So you and dad had sex five times?" And I will say, yes, just five.
I figured we'd sit our other son, Jack, down at some point and have a similar discussion, about him and autism. And I've been dreading this talk, the You Have Autism talk, much more...

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