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January 28, 2013

Dan Marino continues 20-year Walk with Autism

It was 20 years ago Claire Marino wondered if there was a better way to help kids with autism. That question has helped thousands of kids.
Dan Marino Foundation Walkabout Autism Event
Dave HydeSun  |  Sentinel Columnist


People always lament how sports stars aren't heroes like they used to be. Lance Armstrong lies. Tiger Woods stains his name. The entire Baseball Hall of Fame ballot is at issue.

But what if everyone's telling the wrong stories? Because this is what happened all Saturday morning. A young man approached Dan Marino. They began talking like old friends. They talked of the young man's martial arts, of his cooking studies, of what he plans to do afterward.

After a few minutes, as the young man walked away with his mother, Marino said, "Kenneth's been with us for years."


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