December 14, 2012

Death of the cool mom

Rachel McCumber

I remember a time when I was cool. At least, my son thought so. He liked going to the store with me. He thought I was funny. Being cool to my son was a nice balance to the struggles.

My son, Daniel is my first child. As a new mom, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it always seemed to me that connecting with Daniel and understanding him was unusually difficult. I began looking for answers and solutions when he was two but we didn’t get his diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome until he was eight. By then it was a relief.

Raising him has been a roller coaster. There are dark moments and great “highs” when we meet with success. Daniel is twelve now but because of how close he is developmentally to his younger brother, in the past, I have often feel like I had twins.

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