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November 2, 2012

Asheville teen with Asperger's a winning painter

Bailey Oxner, 14, finds painting helps calm the challenges of Asperger syndrome

Bailey Oxner concentrates while painting as her mother, Marisa, looks on at their home. Her work has won awards at the Mountain State Fair for the past several years. / John Fletcher/

Parenting a special-needs child is challenging, but in Bailey Sloan Oxner’s case, it’s made easier by the special talent she has for painting, her parents say.

Painting has not only brought this 14-year-old attention and awards, it has also served as a way of calming the anger and anxiety that go along with her autism.

“I don’t paint when I’m mad anymore,” Bailey said, sitting with her parents in their South Asheville home. “I’m afraid I’ll destroy the painting.” READ MORE >>

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