October 18, 2012

Brain Wired At Birth But Experience Selects Which Connections To Keep

Article adapted by Medical News Today from original press release.

Ask the average person the street how the brain develops, and they'll likely tell you that the brain's wiring is built as newborns first begin to experience the world. With more experience, those connections are strengthened, and new branches are built as they learn and grow. 

A new study conducted in a Harvard lab, however, suggests that just the opposite is true. 

As reported in the journal Neuron, a team of researchers led by Jeff Lichtman, the Jeremy R. Knowles Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, has found that just days before birth mice undergo an explosion of neuromuscular branching. At birth, the research showed, some muscle fibers are contacted by as many as 10 nerve cells. Within days, however, all but one of those connections had been pruned away. READ MORE >>

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