September 5, 2012

The Autism Daddy Blog

I just came across the "Autism Daddy" Blog. I really enjoyed the way "Autism Daddy" expresses what he goes through. Here's a brief description: A 42 year old dad with a 9 year old son with severe autism. RANTING about autism on an anonymous Page and celebrating his son "Kyle". The following is the article I read and the link. ENJOY!

10 Greatest Autism Inventions Of The Past 100 Years (at least in my household)

Everybody's always RAVING about the Ipad and how it's the greatest invention for asd kids and it is GREAT. My 8 year old son with severe / classic / non-verbal autism has an Ipad and I wrote a post singing its praises (you can read that HERE), but lately every day it's the little things in life that I've been noticing.

So I decided to salute the inventors of the little things that have improved my asd kid's life and in some cases saved his life and in some cases save his life on a daily basis!

I'm sure a few of these are unique to my household and my autism lifestyle, but I'm sure there will be a few on my list that many other autism parents can relate to. READ MORE >>

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