September 11, 2012

Sensory Integration Dysfunction

by ADMIN | Autism United

One of the most currently researched afflictions today is Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Sensory Integration Dysfunction is a neurological disorder which was discovered a little over 40 years ago by Dr. A. Jean Ayres. Sensory Integration Dysfunction is a prime example of just what can alter the brain to alter the daily functions we perform each day whether it is social, academic, or just a daily chore. This commonly misdiagnosed condition proves to have quite the toll emotionally, mentally, and physically on all those who find themselves afflicted with this unfortunate condition. Sensory Integration Dysfunction provides a myriad of challenges for those who do have it, but there are many ways to work through this condition as well.

The types of Sensory Integration Dysfunction seem to fall into three main categories: under processing, over processing, and processing with interference. Due to the fact that there are three main “types” of Sensory Integration Dysfunction, a thorough investigation of each individual is necessary in order to determine which particular types of treatments would be most effective in way of solving as much issue as possible. Each of these types of Sensory Integration Dysfunction can prove to be detrimental to the daily lives of those who are afflicted.

There are a wide variety of signs that come along with Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Children who exhibit the signs below run a high risk of possessing Sensory Integration Dysfunction or Difficulties: READ MORE >>


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