September 25, 2012

Living the Good Life - A Model for Success

Written by Maureen Bennie   
Friday, 21 September 2012 00:00
One of the greatest fears a parent of a child with autism has is how and where will their child live when they are no longer able to take care of them. What will their adult lives look like? How will they spend their day? What does a meaningful life look like in adulthood?

I attended an excellent presentation this week given by Neil Walker of Kerry's Place Autism Serivces (KPAS) located in Southern Ontario. Neil described the KPAS philosophy which I'd like to share with you because it has been a big part of the KPAS success story and positive outcomes for those with ASD. Their values could be adapted to any new organization wanting to provide services for adults or be the guiding principals of what parents should be looking for in order to ensure a high quality of life in adulthood.
The KPAS vision is that people with an ASD are accepted as full and equal members of their communities. The key word here is "their" not "the". In order for a person with ASD to be included, they have to a meaningful place within their community. Every person has the right to make informed choices. Interactions need to be truthful, accountable and ethical with that person with ASD. The community as a whole has to work together - families, staff, funders, community partners, and other stakeholders. We have to respect the dignity and uniqueness of all people. READ MORE >>

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