September 12, 2012

Body Brushing Your Autistic Child

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by KATHERINE | Autism United

Majority of autistic children have a case of sensory integration disorder. This afferent condition is the outcome of the brain’s inability to consolidate information from the five basic sensory systems in the body. This often results to a sensory overload which could sometimes lead to a temper tantrum.

When you notice that your child is feeling overwhelmed from too much sensory stimulation, you can relax his nervous system by using a technique called body brushing, also known as dry brushing. This technique will provide your autistic child with the same sensation of movements or stimulus which will make him feel comfortable. This technique can be learned from an occupational therapist. If you are on the lookout for one, you can ask your child’s physician to refer you to one.

To perform the body brushing techniques, you need to buy a soft, surgical, plastic brush which has very soft bristles to ensure that your child’s skin will not be scratched. The right way to body brush your child is by holding the brush horizontal to the body while applying substantial pressure and evenly stroking it in an up and down motion. READ MORE >>



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