August 7, 2012

Kinetix Academy taps power of Kinect to help kids with autism

The Kinetix Academy team from Seattle Startup Weekend
One of the core ideas behind Startup Weekend is that smart people from various backgrounds and professions can do great things if given the time to work together. Perhaps no effort better exemplifies that concept than Kinetix Academy, the winning team at Seattle Startup Weekend.
Comprised of pediatric physical therapist Mari Therrien; speech language pathologist Dan Stachelski; Xbox developer Justin Woo; and designer Shashi Shashidhar; Kinetix Academy came together to solve a complex and challenging problem: develop games and educational curriculum to help kids with autism.
Or, as the company notes in their FAQ: “We’re going to kick autism’s ass.” You got to love that fighting spirit, and the tool that the Kinetix Academy is utilizing to get the idea off the ground is Microsoft’s very own Kinect sensor... READ MORE >>
[GeekWire's Rebecca Lovell contributed to this report]

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