July 23, 2012

Serendipity: Our Family’s Special Journey Through Autism

My husband and I are both practicing physicians. We are blessed with two lovely children – Raphael and Ysabell. Sometime in 2001, I decided to lay low in my medical practice and devote more time for our family. It came as no surprise to people close to me for they had always known that my husband and I put our family first at all times. We moved to a home in a more quiet suburban metro, to allow more space for our growing children. We agreed that the arrangement was temporary, and that I would resume private practice after 5 years, when the kids would already be in school. Everything was just perfect.

The Symptoms
Both our children loved to sing and they did sing rather well even at an early age. Most days were filled with songs and lullabies. We hardly noticed at first that that was all that Ysa did all day – sing. Even before age 2, she memorized all Barney songs and rendered them heartily every waking moment. We barely noticed that she would not answer when her name was called; we thought she was just “suplada” like some older women in our family. She called me “Mama” but we failed to see that she was just mimicking a TV ad, and called every one else by the same name. Her brother would often bring her out to play, though she preferred parallel play as expected at her age. Often times, she refused to follow instructions and would throw temper tantrums when she couldn’t get her way. We thought it was her personality and more discipline would be the answer. She was at par, if not advanced, in her gross motor skills though we were very much surprised at... READ MORE >>

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