June 11, 2012

The Lion King – Special sensory friendly performance offered at the Hobby Center

Katherine Sanger
Houston Family & Parenting Examiner

Latest reports show that approximately one in ninety children will be born with autism or one of its variations, such as Asperger’s, PDD, and Fragile X, and while some children are high functioning, others need help with most – if not all – parts of their lives.

The Hobby Center is addressing this epidemic by offering its first ever “Autism Theatre initiative” with a live theatre presentation of Disney’s The Lion King Musical on Saturday, July 28 at 2 PM.

While Disney’s The Lion King Musical has been around for fifteen years and has been viewed by over 64 million people,... live theatre performances have often been avoided by those on spectrum and their families due to sensory issues.

Tickets are already on sale, and prices range from $24.50 for rear gallery to $59.50 for orchestra and front mezzanine. Tickets can be purchased through the Hobby Center’s website, over the phone, or in person at the box office.

The Hobby Center’s performance on July 28, however, will address these issues in order to accommodate its special audience. There will be “quiet areas,” adjustments made to both lights and sound, a more supportive audience, and online resource materials available.

For more information, the Hobby Center has set up a website at:

In addition, online resource materials are available at:

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