June 12, 2012

Autism in the News

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"Pole dancing helped change my life"

A woman left housebound because of a form of autism has praised pole dancing for helping her change her life.
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Stephanie's Day 2012 in Dallas
It is time again for the annual Stephanie's Day event in Dallas. Stephanie's Day began in 1998 and was the brain child of Steve and Sheilah Mauldin.
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South Wales Evening Post published Website success for teen keen on gadgets
A PASSION for gadgets and writing is helping a Neath Valley teen - who suffers with a form of autism - to get noticed online.
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Fighting back from autism issues
Steven McDonough, a shy 12-year-old from Bridgewater, was diagnosed as a child with pervasive developmental disorder, and his parents were advised that karate could help him.
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Current status of intensive behavioral interventions for young children with autism and PDD-NOS
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Full Story: Winston-Salem Journal
Documentary takes a look at autism
The title of Gerardine Wurzburg's autism documentary, "Wretches & Jabberers," comes from a remark made by Antti, a Finnish autistic man, who notes that the world can be divided into two camps based on the capacity - or inability - to speak freely and without effort.
Full Story: Psychology Today
Are Atheists More Autistic Than Believers?
In most religions, and arguably anything worth being called a religion , God is not just an impersonal force or creator.
Full Story: WIAT-TV Birmingham
Transition program for students with autism grows
When fall classes resume on The University of Alabama campus in August, 18 students are expected to participate in UA's transition program for students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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