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December 15, 2012

He struggles, but he's my hero


My 11 year old son, Emmett, is autistic. I love him the way he is. Let me repeat that - I love him the way he is. He struggles, but he's my hero. He is happy - most of the time (like any 11 year old boy)....he is affectionate, funny, and smart - in HIS own, special way. He has taught me and my husband so much about being loving, patient, and attentive parents to ALL of our four children.

Many parents of autistic children these days think that they can "cure" or "recover" their autistic child. I wouldn't change my son for the world. Wanting to "fix" him implies that he is ill, or sick, or broken, or lost....he is none of those -- he is who he is and if this is how GOD (or Fate) gave him to me, then it is not my place to attempt to change him so he can comply with societal norms.


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