November 21, 2012

Autism in the News

  1. The Autism Project: Adults need help, too

    Toronto Star
    They are called the lost generation, adults with autism who are ... When they were children, no one knew how to treat autistic brains and now ...
  2. VODAFONE Supports Autism Awareness

    Peace FM Online
    The Vodafone World of Difference Project which is aimed at bringing together participants to gear up for a charitable event has once again ...
  3. Kelly Preston Talks Autism And Eating Organically On The Doctors

    Look To The Stars
    The Emmy-winning daytime series, The Doctors, welcomes Hollywood actress, mother, and wife of actor John Travolta, Kelly Preston, in an ...
  4. The Autism Project: Teens with autism face uncertain fate

    Toronto Star-2012-11-16
    A Thornhill couple is advised by provincial officials to leave their 19-year-old autistic son, who wears diapers, at a homeless shelter if they can't ...
  5. The Autism Project: Mothers with ASD ask why scientists are missing ...

    Toronto Star-2012-11-17
    In 1943, the ghost of Sigmund Freud still stalked the hallways of psychiatry. So when Austrian-born child psychiatrist Leo Kanner wrote the first ...
  6. Students With Autism Choose STEM Majors, if They Go to College

    Education Week News (blog)-2012-11-20
    The results of a new study confirm that students with autism spectrum disorders gravitate toward majors in science, technology, engineering, ...
  7. Autism FAQ: “High Functioning or Low Functioning?”

    San Francisco Chronicle (blog)-by Laura Shumaker
    “It's a really (unintentionally) crappy question to ask,” says Angela Morris, “because, I've found, people ask it to comfort themselves; i.e.; “well at ...
  8. Autism Hearing? Let yourself be heard

    Left Brain Right Brain
    The panel, chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa (D-Calif.), has invited witnesses from the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease ...

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