October 3, 2012

What in the World is Going On October 2012 Edition

Written by Maureen Bennie   

Confused about interventions for autism, what options are out there, and how effective they are? Autism Research reviews a different treatment, therapy or intervention each month. September’s review was on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The review is offered in a basic, intermediate and advanced version. They are also open to suggestions for what to review in the upcoming months. The latest autism research is also posted on this site.

Issues around schooling have been at the forefront for parents with the start of new school year. Time featured a great article on why kids with autism are a target for school bullies. A new study revealed that 46% of autistic children in middle and high school told their parents they were victimized at school within the previous year, compared with just over 10% of children in the general population. What makes them easy targets is they have trouble recognizing social cues, which makes them awkward around others. They also often engage in repetitive behaviors and tend to be hypersensitive to environmental stimuli, all of which makes children with the disorder ripe targets for bullies who zero in on differences and enjoy aggravating their victims.
Despite inclusion efforts, acceptance of people with special needs still remains low. There are still many generations who have had no personal experience with people with special needs and they are fearful of them. They pass this ignorance on to their children. READ MORE >>

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