September 29, 2012

Sensory Integration tips for easier bedtimes

Heavy blankets, soft fabrics and other things can help make sleep easier

Sensory Integration techniques can be used to help kids focus, concentrate, learn and behave well, but they can also be invaluable at bedtime. Here are some ways to use Sensory Integration principles to help kids get to sleep.
  • Pay attention to fabrics
  • Watch the light
  • Try a before bed massage
  • Avoid touch and activities that stimulate kids
  • Set the stage ahead of time
  • Give chewy bedtime snacks
  • Find the right balance of noise
  • Provide a good foundation
  • Make your child warm, but not too warm
  • Consider bedtime baths -- or not
  • Use weight. Some children relax and sleep better if they are under heavy blankets.
  • Tuck them in
  • Put on soothing music
  • Look to what your child prefers during the day

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