September 21, 2012

Good Job

By Dan Coulter

What’s your child with Asperger Syndrome going to do for a living?

Too early to start thinking about that?  Really, it's not. While your ten year old or teenager doesn’t have to immediately choose a career, he’s much more likely to find and keep a job when the time comes if you start preparing him in two important ways.

First, assess any social skill deficits your child has and help him work to overcome or mitigate them.  Many people with superior job skills have trouble getting hired or staying employed because they lack basic social skills.
Second, expose your child to a variety of jobs and careers.  Don’t apply pressure to have him pick a job or even a career field, but make it an interesting topic of conversation.  Take him to see people working.  Your goal is to have your child find something that sparks his interest so he tells you what he wants to do with his life.  From my experience, when a child with Asperger Syndrome latches onto a special interest, you don’t need to do any pushing.
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