July 19, 2012

Penina Rybak's Socially Speaking™ App for iPad-Trailer

Join the Journey for Change! Socially Speaking™ LLC Presents a new social skills building App for iPad Users interested in helping young children with Autism and Special Needs. 

Apple's iPad has become a real game changer for special educators treating children with Autism and special needs. Are you a parent looking to connect with your child's IEP team and share common language and goals? Are you a pediatrician being asked to collaborate with the Autistic child's therapists in terms of updating baseline data? Are you an educator or service provider overwhelmed with paperwork and looking for a quick easy way to determine starting points for remediation re: social skills & behavior management? 

My Socially Speaking™ App for iPad will debut in iTunes in the summer of 2012! The Socially Speaking App was designed by myself, a practicing, pediatric, speech- language pathologist in order to facilitate a collaborative team approach for the young child with special needs. 

This App is an assessment protocol containing 2 assessment checklists re: social skills development,and a lesson plan template to help the special education team of the young child with Autism and other special needs. It is designed to update baseline data, determine starting points for remediation, and succinctly document goals/techniques/materials to be used in the lesson plan both in school/ therapy and at home. Both the layman and the professional can use this App to customize Behavior Intervention Plans and IEP goals for the child in need of help re: behavior management and social skills development. Upload your own photos or take photos on the go, for a unique multi-sensory experience to facilitate teamwork. Export your entire evaluation and recommendations as a PDF, that can be mailed immediately for others to see.


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