July 31, 2012

Nerve Stimulation May Be Able To Treat Autism, Stroke, Tinnitus And More

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Written by Sarah Glynn   |  Medical News Today 

Researchers from UT Dallas explained how specific experiences, like sounds or movements, paired with nerve stimulation can reorganize the brain. This new technology could be the beginning of new treatments for tinnitus, autism, stroke, and other disorders.

The speed, at which the brain works in laboratory animals, could be altered by pairing stimulation of the vagus nerve with fast or slow sounds, according to UT Dallas neuroscientists in a related paper.

Dr. Robert Rennaker and Dr. Michael Kilgard led a group of researchers to examine if neural activity within the laboratory rats' primary motor cortex would change if it were repeatedly paired with vagus nerve stimulation with a specific movement... READ MORE >>

If further research is done that confirms the UT Dallas findings, patients could be treated better with more efficient therapies that are less invasive while avoiding long-term use of drugs. 

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