June 28, 2012

Kids With Autism Become ‘Kids With Cameras’

Kids With Cameras follows the progress, challenges and triumphs of a group of autistic children participating in a film camp hosted by non-profit organization Actors for Autism, and taught by award-winning educator Brad Koepenick.

This one-hour documentary provides a window into revealing moments of he kids’ private lives – combined with interviews with their families – as they learn to express themselves through films, poems, painting and music.

Recent research – as well as testimonials from parents of the campers – indicates that developing the creative and acting abilities of autisti children significantly improves their communication and socialization skills, something that is frequently overlooked as a therapeutic tool.

Kids With Cameras takes viewers on an unforgettable journey of this process, poignantly demonstrating that creativity is an essential step to connect the increasing autistic population with the rest of their, and our, world.

Looks pretty cool  — 


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